The People

Stephen Miller is the owner, roaster, and sole operator of Longshore Coffee. He launched the roastery in 2021 after spending six years as a high school teacher in Providence, where he helped hundreds of teenagers create their own unique business plans. In addition to roasting coffee, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Bethany (the true Boss Babe), and their dog, Abraham.

The Process

Longshore roasts premium blends and single origin specialty coffees in small batches on our Mill City Roasters 3-kg gas roaster. Smaller batches allow for greater control and consistency, as well as the flexibility to offer lower minimum order quantities. We source coffee from excellent farms and producers around the globe. When creating blends, Stephen views component coffees like musical parts in a song; they should work together to create a cohesive whole, but still retain enough distinct qualities to add depth and character. For single origins, he aims to showcase the unique cup qualities inherent to each origin, roasting for maximal flavor development according to the characteristics of each particular coffee. 

The Purpose

The mission of Longshore is to bring excellent global coffees to our local community, bring a diverse range of people together around a common cup. We believe that specialty coffee doesn't have to be pretentious, but should be accessible and enjoyable by all. If you want to nerd out on origins, varietals, processing and all that jazz, we're happy to take you down the rabbit hole. But if you just want a good, reliable, tasty cup of coffee, we got you.

 New Coffee Shop Coming Soon!

After three years in our startup location in Olneyville, Longshore is pleased to announce that we're building a new roastery and coffee shop in Coventry, Rhode Island, with the goal to open for business during the summer of 2024. While we finish building out the space, we'll continue to run online sales, limited wholesale, and hit the streets with the coffee cart a few times a week.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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